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Mike Huckabee

While the two democratic frontrunners are interested in universal health care, Mike Huckabee does not agree with this stance. Huckabee, a republican who is struggling to stay in the race, has several of his own ideas as to how the United States health care system should get fixed.

Generally speaking, Huckabee is interested in taking on a complete overhaul of the current system. In other words, he feels that things are in shambles, and that changing the entire system is the only way to get back on track. Additionally, he is in favor of a system that favors and takes into consideration consumer and market based policies.

Huckabee believes that individuals will be encouraged to purchase private health insurance if the government offers substantial tax credits and tax deductions. Additionally, he has stated that implementing further solutions to address the problem of cost is top priority.

Here are three points that stand out in Huckabee's health care plan.

  1. Health insurance tax deductions should be offered to both individuals as well as families to make coverage more affordable.
  2. As a way of helping low income families, tax credits should be issued in order to make coverage more affordable.
  3. Unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he is against any type of universal health care system that is set forth by the federal government.

Mike Huckabee may not be the frontrunner to win the republican nomination, but he does have some very good ideas as far as the health insurance crisis is concerned. If he can convince more voters that his plan is the best for the country, his popularity will continue to rise.

On Hillary Clinton's Ideas

Democrat Hillary Clinton is one of the frontrunners in the 2008 presidential election. If she wins her party’s nomination, it is safe to say that she will be forced to answer many questions regarding her health insurance plan for America.

Time and time again, Clinton has stated that her goal is to ensure that every American has health insurance coverage. In addition, she is one of the only candidates who are in favor of a universal health insurance plan. She plans to do this through a mix of public and private insurance. With that being said, there are quite a few people, including the other candidates, who do not feel that universal coverage is the answer.

Clinton has also stated that she would like to make both public and private health care plans available through the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. Additionally, she has made it clear that coverage through employers will continue. To go along with this, Clinton does not intend to get rid of the Medicare program. For older voters, this is a very important factor in the upcoming election.

Under Clinton’s plan, here are three sticking points as far as coverage is concerned:

All in all, Hillary Clinton has a good plan in place. With that being said, it is not without issues. While there are benefits to universal coverage, a lot of work must be put in place in order to make this an effective system. It is safe to say that Clinton will be forced to defend her stance on health insurance time and time again as debates continue.