On Barack Obama's Plan

Barack Obama is one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Although he is facing stiff competition from Hillary Clinton, Obama is holding his own. With that being said, one of the main issues that people want to talk about is the current state of health insurance in the country. Does Obama have a plan for this?

While Clinton is talking about implementing a universal health care system, Obama is not entirely sold on this idea; although he seems to be in favor of some aspects. Just like every candidate, he has many ideas of his own. And when you compare his way of thinking to Clinton’s, it is easy to see that there are a few major differences.

Generally speaking, Obama is interested in universal coverage that is not only affordable but also high quality. While he is devoted to making sure that everybody can afford insurance, he also wants to be sure that coverage is not lacking in key areas.

Obama is of the belief that more Americans would have health insurance if it came at a more affordable price tag. This is in contrast to Clinton who feels that people would still forgo a policy even if prices were slashed. Obviously, this is a point that both sides have been arguing for quite some time.

Here are a few major points outlined in Obama’s health care plan.

  1. Every child will be required to have health insurance. Many believe that this would solve a huge issue in the United States.
  2. Like Clinton, Obama wants to make it mandatory that employers either provide health insurance coverage or at the very least offer to pay a percentage of the premium.
  3. Most importantly, he wants to create a public health insurance plan or National Health Insurance Exchange. This would allow small businesses or uninsured individuals to gain coverage through a public health insurance plan.

Being that they are both democrats, Clinton and Obama have some similar ideas when it comes to fixing the health insurance industry. But with that being said, they are far from seeing eye to eye. Do you like what Barack Obama is proposing?

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