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July 04, 2008 ARCHIVE

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Millions of Floridians do not have Health Insurance

There are millions of Florida residents who live everyday without health insurance coverage. As you can imagine, this puts these people in a very compromising position. While everybody would like to have a quality health insurance policy, cost most often times keeps millions from getting the coverage they need. Of course, there are other less common reasons for not being able to secure a health insurance policy.

In order to combat this problem, lawmakers in the state of Florida are considering all of their options. Obviously, any fix is going to take some time to produce results. Although millions of Florida residents live without health insurance, this is not the only state that is suffering. In fact, there are more than 47 million Americans who do not have any coverage. So as you can see, a solution needs to be implemented on a national level; not just in particular states.

Some Floridians receive health insurance coverage through their employer, and others who have the money and good health buy on their own. While both of these options allow the majority of people to receive coverage, there are always those who cannot seem to find what they are looking for.

Is universal healthcare the answer? This is a question that will definitely be addressed by the Democratic presidential nominee soon enough. On the Republican side of things, nominee John McCain favors tax credits to help ease the pain of purchasing health insurance.

Florida Group Health Insurance: Do you have to wait?

If you sign on with a Florida employer that offers group health insurance, you should be happy to find such a good situation. Some companies in the state are cutting out group health insurance coverage because it has simply become too expensive. With that being said, you may find that you employer does not want to add you to the policy from day one. Instead, they will put you on "probation" for 30 to 90 days to ensure that you are going to stick with the company.

Why do some companies have a probationary period? Generally speaking, this helps to protect them against a lot of lost time and money. In other words, if you are offered benefits on day one but quit after a few weeks, the company would have lost time, money, and much more. To protect themselves, some companies will make you wait for a couple months to ensure that you are going to stick around. Then, and only then, will they offer you access to the group health insurance policy.

What should you do in the meantime? If you are waiting until the probation period is over, you will need to purchase your own policy during this time. Since it will likely be a maximum of three months, you should search for a short term policy. This will be enough to hold you over, and at the same time you will not have to spend too much on the coverage.

Overall, some employers will make you wait until they add you to the group health insurance policy. This may seem like a bad thing for employees, but the company needs to do this in order to protect their time and bottom line.

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