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April 28, 2009 -- The Day Spa Association and the International Medical Spa Association are proud to remind the industry that members of both organizations can now be covered by a single group health insurance policy at affordable rates with more than adequate coverage, especially in emergencies.

Today, more than 14% of Americans -- 41.2 million are uninsured, many of them working in small businesses like day spas, medical spas and the many suppliers of professional goods and services. With insurance premiums at an all-time high and ever-rising, most small day spa businesses cannot afford to cover their owners or staff.

"With most insurance laws being governed by their State Boards, the task of obtaining a group health policy outside the states' borders for our DSA members was an impossible undertaking", says Hannelore Leavy, Founder and Executive Director of The Day Spa Association and The International Medical Spa Association. After over a decade of searching, we are finally able to offer our members a group health insurance plan that is fit for the day spa and medical spa industries".

AIM Health Max is the DSA/IMSA members' Major Medical Alternative option. The premiums are a fraction of the cost of a comprehensive major medical plan and the plan is highly rated by industry "watchdog" organizations. Best of all, this plan is available at an affordable price and applicable in all 50 states.

This is a high benefit program available to both salon and day spa businesses as well as for individuals. This program has no deductibles, there is no lifetime maximum benefit limit and offers up front defined benefits. Coverage includes insurance for doctor, hospital, X-ray, lab, surgical, $5 prescription drug card and extra benefits such as advance lump sum payment upon diagnosis of a critical illness.

If you and/or your employees are on a high deductible plan, uninsured or on a plan that just costs too much, you need to check this out.

* No Medical Questions, this plan will accept everyone regardless of their personal health history.

* No APS or Exam. This plan will not check your medical background or require you to have a paramed or doctor examination.

* No Rate Up. You will not be rated up on this plan due to age, location or medical history.

Monthly Premiums start for as little as $127 for singles, $211 for single parents and $274 for a family plan.

Day Spas, medical spas and other businesses belonging to the associations can enroll as an employer group. Employer groups can include coverage for their full time and part time employees as well as their independent contractors. The monthly premium structure allows the employer group the options to offer the health insurance fully subsidized by the employer or on a cost sharing basis with the members of the group or as a full pass on cost to the group members. This flexibility provides several attractive options for cost conscious employers. AIM also offers the option of billing the insured directly, thus there is no additional payroll deduction/accounting necessary by the employer.

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