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May 11, 2009 -- Emergency medical, travel, and security assistance provider, On Call International, today, launched an interactive survey to U.S. health insurance professionals in an effort to gauge the industry's overall readiness to face and manage unforeseen medical emergencies during members' international travel, as well as planned efforts within the medical tourism phenomenon.

On Call International seeks observations and opinions from health insurance professionals to complete this online survey. Upon close of the survey, On Call will summarize and publish the findings in a comprehensive report to interested respondents. Health insurance professionals interested in the findings can be among the first recipients of the report by taking the survey today.

"As a 24/7 emergency responder to individuals traveling the world, we know that accidents happen more than you think," said Mike Kelly, On Call International President & CEO. "Through this survey and subsequent report of industry feedback and best practices, we hope to alert the health insurance industry of the potential risk traveling outside a home network can bring, and how to help ensure its members are prepared and protected should the unexpected occur."

On Call will ensure the privacy and anonymity of the respondents and responses will be collected in the aggregate, not to be traced back to individual respondents.

On Call International is a leading provider of customized medical, security and travel assistance for international business and leisure travelers, as well as expatriates, students and others away from home. Operating 24/7/365, On Call International specializes in emergency evacuations from any point on the globe, assisting more than seven million travelers. The U.S.-owned and trained assistance company serves the travel, insurance and maritime industries. On Call is a member and the U.S. representative of the 26-partner International Assistance Group, a global network of independent assistance companies.

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