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It seems like people are making a difference in each other's lives now more than ever. Kind of like this next story we bring you. They all attend church together and they're all now working towards the same goal. The only difference between the three women you're about to meet is that one of them has cancer and no way to pay for her treatments.

Cancer is not prejudice but insurance companies can be, not offering a reasonable rate if say, you have a pre-existing condition. Christy Kelshaw, Co-Founder of Portneuf Gap Project: "They've worked hard all of these years, they're ready to relax and enjoy their life and they're going to loose everything if someone doesn't step in and help."

Tawna and Christy are not wasting any time getting the word out about their new organization that does just that. If you don't qualify for governmental assistance or work a part-time job without insurance benefits, they want to help.

Tawna Brockett, Co-Founder of Portneuf Gap Project: "It's kind of a last ditch effort to try and help somebody. It's a very reactive approach right now, in the future we have many ideas on how we can be more proactive." Every Saturday they man a booth at the Farmer's Market inPocatello. The Portneuf Gap Project has already raised $2,000 for Carol Fraire who's fighting cancer for the second time.

Vern Fraire, Carol's Husband: "I told her she was free from it, I always had faith and believed that she was free from it and yet she came up with it again. That does something to a man when you're supposed to providing and you can't." Vern says worrying about his wife is stressful enough, add to that they could loose their home and words can't describe the couples reaction when Tawna, Christy and Ramona broke the good news to them.

Carol Fraire, Battling Cancer for a Second Time: "God had a plan and these friends have decided it needed to be more than just me. It needed to be the community, it needed to be reaching out to others. There's a lot of people in my boat."

Christy Kelshaw, Co-Founder of Portneuf Gap Project: "This is a way for people to do something that makes them feel hopeful about our country, our community, our economy about just the power that they have because sometimes you feel powerless."

The women will host their first official fundraiser on Friday June 5th, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Westside Players Warehouse, 1009 S. 2nd Avenue. You can buy tickets at The Popcorn Shop, Portneuf River Outfitters and Scrappin Essentials. They will also be set up at the Farmer's Market, Revive at Five and the Chariot Races until June 3rd. It's a night set aside for Arts and Entertainment with a raffle, a silent auction and a dessert bar.

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