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Are you unhappy with the way your health insurance is set up? If you are, now is the time to speak up. The Florida Insurance Department has set up a website allowing you to give input on what you want in a basic health insurance plan. It a new tool that will allow government officials and insurance providers to hear your concerns regarding health insurance..

" Other states have used this model, five of them total. We are happy we are going to be the next to do it. We are the first that is going to be using the online version as part of, or as one more tool for folks to use to make assure that their say is heard." Choosing Healthplans All Together or CHAT, gives people a chance to express what they want in a basic healthcare plan. The CHAT model forces people to pick and choose between available options

" Each one of these parts of the pie chart will have certain markers attributed to them which reflect cost, some of the pie pieces of the chart cost more, some cost less." The pie graph is made up of 80 different health insurance options, but participants are only able to choose 50

"That's what forces you to, as part of this process, to prioritize and select what is most important in a basic health insurance plan." Results from the study will go back to the insurance department

"We will gather that data and we will pass it on to policy makers and decision makers. whether that is the legislature, health care providers of this state, health insurance companies so they hear directly from North Dakota consumers, not just anecdotally, but as a group." The commissioner says this study is just the start of a conversation. He says not all questions will be answered, but it will begin adressessing the needs and wants of North Dakotans. With KX News, Im Kate Schell.

In order to participate you MUST register online by July 30th. The online exercises begin July 27th and run through August 14th. You can also sign up to participate in groups. Groups meetings will be held the last two weeks of August

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