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Despite the alarmist health care news coming from federal politicians and many in the national media, most Arkansans are satisfied with their health care and don’t want the federal government more involved in their health care decisions.

The new poll was conducted through a partnership with Roby Brock, and Little Rock-based political consulting groups The Political Firm and The Markham Group. Brock and his TalkBusiness.net is a content partner with The City Wire.

The pollsters asked 600 Arkansans the following questions:

• Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of health care that you and your family receive?

Very Satisfied: 46% Somewhat Satisfied: 40% Somewhat Dissatisfied: 9% Very Dissatisfied: 5% Don’t Know: 0%

• Would you prefer a health care system where most Americans get their health care coverage through the federal government or a system where most Americans get their health care coverage through a private insurance provider?

Federal Government Provider: 16% Private Insurance Provider: 74% Don’t Know: 10%

• Would you prefer a health care plan that raises taxes in order to provide health insurance to all Americans or a plan that does not provide health insurance to all Americans but keeps taxes at current levels?

Raise taxes/Health Care for all: 27% Current level/No Health Care for all: 59% Don’t Know: 14%

Brock notes in his report: “Score a victory for the advocates who have shaped a message that a public option will be inferior to a purely private health care insurance model.” Also, Brock recently released survey results showing that cable television news channels, local television news and Web sites are the top three places most Arkansans get their news.

Another portion of his overall polling showed that 28% of Arkansans had a “strongly favorable” opinion of the new Arkansas lottery program, but 32% had a “strongly unfavorable” opinion.

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