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If you've been listening to Rush (or, better yet, reading the Limbaugh Wire) for the past week, you've probably noticed that Rush has been giving health care reform the broken-record treatment -- the same falsehoods and the same ridiculous commentary, over and over and over again. And we already know what's in store for today, without even looking at the Drudge Report -- speeded-up sound bites of President Obama's health care press conference last night, interspersed with more of the same falsehoods and ridiculous commentary. He'll probably read from Betsy McCaughey's latest dishonest attack on comparative effectiveness research. More than likely, he'll call Obama a racist for his comments on the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. So strap yourselves in, folks -- it's going to get silly.

Well, Rush got things started by saying: "I guess we learned last night that President Obama did listen to Reverend Wright those 20 years. The only time he acted interested in being there was the last question of the night when he got to talk about race and profiling, that's when Barack Obama came alive last night." Can we call 'em or can we call 'em? Anyway, Rush said when he got that question at the end of the presser, he came alive. He got animated, and then said some really dumb things. He called the Cambridge police stupid. Cambridge is a bunch of liberals, Rush retorted. Liberal mayors, liberal colleges, liberal cops! He couldn't wait to talk about profiling after admitting he didn't know what was going on there. Presidents do not descend to talk about such things, said Rush. We're in the middle of a major offensive in Afghanistan, the economy is being purposefully destroyed, and he's talking about this.

Rush then said he hasn't found one positive review of the press conference. Well, here's one. And here's another. How about a third? Anyway, Rush said even The New York Times has a fact-check of Obama that was devastating, and the Politico and Howard Fineman excoriated the White House press corps for their performance last night. But this was not a waste of time, said Rush -- we learned more about Obama in that press conference than we ever have. That was a series of teachable moments. He was rambling and incoherent, professorial and chock-full of some of the most blatant lies a president has ever told, and he was not called on any of them. The media, Rush repeated, have given up their integrity for Obama.

Rush said that we found out last night just how fired up about race he remains. We also learned that doctors and pediatricians purposefully take out kids' tonsils to line their pockets. Pediatricians, for the most part, are not surgeons, said Rush, so is the pediatrician is going to get a kickback from the surgeon? Rush said he's sure that doctors do a lot of unnecessary stuff, but they're doing it to protect themselves from lawsuits, not to line their pockets. None of what Obama said last night was true, Rush declared, and it was breathtaking to watch. He offered nothing new, no details, and his buddies in the press and Capitol Hill are upset at this. But that's strategic, said Rush, because this isn't about health insurance.

Obama accused doctors of performing unnecessary organ removal for money, Rush charged. Doctors do a lot of unnecessary things so they don't get sued into bankruptcy by Democrat tort lawyers. He kept talking about how we spend $6,000 more per person than other developed countries, said Rush, and he's going to lower that by ending unnecessary tonsillectomies. We have the best health care in the world, and that costs money. Obama has spent more than $6,000 per person "by a factor of a gazillion" on his stimulus package, Rush rejoined. And he admitted that he's going after private insurance company profits. That was tantamount to an admission that you're not going to have private insurance under his plan, said Rush. Obama has such a resentment for success and achievers, he admits he's going after the profits of insurance companies, and he's going to kill them off so the public option is the only option.

There's a reason why there were no details offered last night, said Rush, and it's a strategic reason -- remember that Tom Daschle was the guy who was originally going to head this up, and his advice was to stick to broad themes. And Obama's sticking to broad themes because he thinks the details will kill it. And he's right -- the more people find out about it, the more they don't like it.

After the break, Rush said: "We saw white firefighters under assault by agents of Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor -- we're talking about Frank Ricci and the boys from new Haven. ... Now white policemen are under assault from the East Room of the White House, by the President of the United States." Rush said he hasn't seen this much racism in a liberal enclave since the Duke rape case. Here you have the idyllic liberal enclave, and there's all this racism. Rush added: "You know what, if I'm Henry Louis Gates, I'd thank my neighbor for looking out for me." And of course, said Rush, Obama went on and on about profiling. That was the only time he was jazzed.

Obama also kept saying last night that the push for health care reform was not personal and not about him. Rush responded by saying that it is personal to him and tens of millions of other people who are going to be forced into more expensive plans or fined if they don't have health insurance. The problem here, said Rush, is that Obama and the Democrats are failing to make it personal, they're making it ideological. They're relying on Obama's appeal, and that's not working any more because nothing Obama is doing has worked.

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