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It will cost a trillion dollars and insurance companies fear it could cripple their business, but at least one local hospital administrator is all for the government option.

Dr. Sandral Hullett is the CEO and Medical Director of Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, which is a public facility. She says many of their patients use the hospital emergency room as their primary care provider, even though E.R. visits are very expensive and half of them could be treated with an office visit. She thinks there is room for a government provider that could put pressure on existing insurance companies to drive down costs.

"Bottom line if you don't have any competition- private- you can do whatever you want to. But if you have some another form of insurance that can be competitive, it makes you offer better premiums more services, so I see it as a good thing I don't see it as anything bad," said Dr. Sandral Hullett.

Another local doctor I thinks the bill is a bad idea. Hoover city councilor and physician Trey Lott thinks the plan will decrease the quality of health care by cutting pay for doc tors. Dr. Lott is concerned it could result in rationing of medical treatment and put small businesses out of business.

If the president's plan passes, Dr. Lott thinks it could force employers to choose the cheaper plan and thereby force employees to switch too.

One thing working against proponents of the plan is a report from the Congressional Budget Office, which says the plan may not significantly cut health care spending nationwide.

Meanwhile, 80,000 children in Alabama have no insurance. That's according to ALL Kids, an agency which covers children who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

They provide heath coverage for about 70,000 Alabama children under the age of 19. Many have families that earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to pay health insurance premiums.

In October new guidelines mean more families than ever will qualify for ALL Kids. That's good news for parents whose income exceeds the current program limit.

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