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The United States jobless rate jumped to 9.5%, the highest since August 1983. Today, 46 million Americans are without health insurance. With health insurance often tied to oneís job, the number of uninsured people is sure to rise along with the unemployment rate. We offer solutions to people who are looking for temporary health insurance, short term health insurance or Cobra insurance alternatives.

There are many reasons people are in need of temporary health insurance, short term health insurance or Cobra insurance alternatives. They could be recently unemployed, between jobs, laid off, on strike or hold temporary or seasonal employment. Many others are recent college graduates, early retirees, or are waiting for their group health insurance benefits to begin after starting a new job. Some are simply looking for an alternative to Cobra insurance alternatives because this option does not meet their needs.

We work with Assurant Health and other leading insurance companies nationwide to provide people with affordable quotes on complete coverage. These plans offer coverage between 30 and 365 days with next day coverage available. The coverage is affordable and backed by the largest provider of short term health insurance policies.

This information is gaining importance as the nationís unemployment numbers look increasingly grim. In May, the payroll decline was more than forecasted and followed a 322,000 drop. The following month of June brought 467,000 job cuts. Companies from General Motors Corp. to Kimberly-Clark Corp. are expected to continue cutting costs. Unemployment is projected to keep rising for the rest of the year.

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