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From a blogger:

There is so much talk about the cost of universal health care, why is it that so many questions are not being addressed?

1.There is a frequent Republican dismissal of uninsurance as "most of those are illegal immigrants". I would like to posit the most unworthy uninsured possible, say an illegal immigrant who is a drug dealer, child rapist, terrorist sympathizer. Now assume that this evil person has TB, or AIDS or Swine Flu, or any of a long list of communicable diseases.

At some point this terrible person is going to prison where he will receive medical treatment. But how much damage will he do to others along the way? And in cold economic terms, how much will the spread disease cost the economy in lost productivity, insurance expenditures on the infected, on emergency room visits by the infected uninsured, on lost jobs by those whose companies must lay them off because of health insurance surcharges? Can anyone direct me to a sensible discussion of this?

2.The CBO has spoken about the cost of Obama's health care plan. (Does this mean the public option?) Does this report compare the cost in Emergency room visits and lost economic productivity to the un ensured, under insured, or those whose health care insurance disappears upon serious disease?

3.How I lost my health insurance at the hairstylist's Talks about loosing her insurance once she got sick. Has anyone heard a discussion of the prevalence of this problem? I have not. Again, in economic terms, which seems to be the only ones that Republicans care about, what is the cost to our economy of forcing such people off of the roles of the productively employed and onto the roles of those whose substenance and health care is paid for by tax dollars?

4.Actuarially, an older employee is more likely to incure health care costs. How much of a part do health care costs pay in the difficulty laid off older workers are having in the economic downturn? What is the cost to the economy of the loss of experienced workforce to actuarial realities? Since this involves the prohibited ageism, it has become the elephant in the room that no one will discuss. Has anyone seen a decent discussion of this?

5.It is accepted axiomatically that a well educated populace is a more productive populace, and leads to a better economic life for the entire country. There is no discussion that schools do not earn a direct profit. The situation is similar with highways. National highways and freeways do not return a direct profit in tolls, yet they are considered of benefit economically to the nation. Why is the health of the worker population different?

6.Almost any other industrialized nation pays less of their economy for health care, insures a larger percent of the population, and has better outcomes. Has anyone seen comparisons with our system? This discussion has been so zenophobic. The feeling has been, if it is not American there is nothing to learn from it. Regarding health care in other countries, all I have seen is poor Canadians who had to wait for Cancer tests because of rationing.

There is no discussion of Americans who have had to wait for Cancer tests because of economic rationing, (they don't have/can't get health insurance). The Republican stance seems to be that they took a chance by not having health insurance, and this is the payback. There is no discussion of the percent of their income, that health insurance would have cost.

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