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Do you realize that Pre-existing conditions can sometimes cause serious problems for those Atlantic Beach Florida residents that seek a new health insurance policy. In many instances, more than one medical conditions can cause an insurance carrier to reject a person who desperately needs a health insurance policy. This can cause great financial burden and place a person’s insurance into jeopardy. "Morgan Moran, of Florida Health Insurance Web said, "If you have access to group health insurance coveage and have keep credible coverage than you shouldn't have to trouble with pre-existing medical conditions".

Many small Group health insurance plans offered through employers do not require physical exams that would screen for pre-existing medical conditions, but for those individuals who go find private health insurance market, such exams are often necessary to obtain coverage. Individuals in this group can often include many who work for small companies that do not offer medical insurance, or they are the self employed who are forced to pay their own medical insurance premiums. In either case, financial issues can be a very real possibility.

Nearly 20 percent of applicants are declined individal health insurance coverage due to preexisting medical conditions. Insurance companies do not want to cover people who are already really sick, because by doing so they are nearly guaranteeing that benefits will be paid at some point due to these medical issues. Financially it makes more sense for the carrier to take this approach, yet it leaves many American to face huge medical bills on their own.

The insurance industry has predicted that coverage could be offered to all people, even those with preexisting medical conditions less than one scenario; if everyone paid for health insurance coverage. With a new health reform bill passed in the House, the uninsured that have been declined for preexisting conditions could possibly get blanket of protection beginning next year.

For now, many strategies can be used to procure coverage when you have a preexisting health condition. As suggested, insurance carriers do not screen candidates that are part of a employer based group health insurance plan. In a few states, you can actually establish yourself as a real group, especially if you are a really small business owner. You can become a “group medical plan” of only one person in some states, and if you cannot do this where you live, check your state regulations, as you may only need one person and yourself to make a qualifying “group” of two people or state high risk pools.

Check with your plan sponsor to see if you can utilize COBRA if you have lost your job. This is not always the cheapest alternative, but you will be able to take advantage of the group aspects of your former employer’s group health insurance plan. If you lose your employer based insurance coverage, you could apply to a specially named health insurance company deemed by your state as that state’s “insurer of last resort”. If you apply within a 63 day period, they cannot decline you for a preexisting health condition. In some instances, this may appear to be a great solution but beware that in some states there are no limits as to what an “insurer of last resort” can charge in premiums. Very high rates coupled with high co pays and/or deductibles may put this coverage out of reach.

Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Area, Florida.

Atlantic Beach, Florida: St. Johns County
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Morgan Moran - -Tel: (904) 280-2589

All Florida Auto Insurance -- 543 Atlantic Boulevard-- Atlantic Beach, Florida, 32233 -- (904)241-1505

Geico Insurance -- 977 Atlantic Boulevard - Atlantic Beach, Florida, 32233 -- (904)246-8650

Miller William Jr Insurance -- 469 Atlantic Boulevard Suite 9 -- Atlantic Beach, Florida, 32233 -- (904)241-8223

Nationwide Insurance -- 2426 Mayport Road Suite 2 -- Atlantic Beach, Florida, 32233 -- (904)270-1900

Newman Gary Insurance -- 67 Sailfish Drive East -- Atlantic Beach, Florida, 32233 -- (904)241-0777

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