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Tufts University School of Medicine and Boston University School of Public Health researchers say that saving money and efficient use of health care system is possible by educating individuals about costs of healthcare. The study also suggests a need to find out how changes in cost sharing ? such as co insurance and co payments may change consumer behavior while still getting necessary medical care.

Most Americans including residents of Atlantis Beach, Florida get their health insurance through the group health insurance plans of their employers, which are really easy on the pocket, compared to the individual health insurance. Employers increase the contributions of the employees to reduce their costs and also to encourage the employees to focus on getting and remaining healthy. The researchers were trying to ascertain if changing the copayment and co insurance i.e. cost sharing structure affects they way healthcare system is used. Researchers found that people who were well informed about their healthcare and health insurance costs were more likely to make office visits than emergency room visits.

Most people in Atlantis Beach, Florida know how much the utility like electricity and groceries costs, but are not very clear about the cost of healthcare and consequently health insurance too. The medical and the billing systems are so complex that most consumers are unaware about ways to utilize healthcare options and contain costs. Even though the consumers are aware of co payments, they rarely know how to utilize the healthcare systems such that the total cost of the medical care is contained and consequently their copayment and the medical care costs are contained.

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