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New health reform bill signed by President Barak Obama will affect different people differently, depending on their circumstances. People who have been struggling and have not brought insurance simply because it is expensive, thanks to reform, they will have health insurance coverage. For the cream of the society and on the top on the income scale, they might have to pay high taxes very soon. But for majority of the population that is middle class, the factors that will change their life are ? employment, dependents, place of residence etc.

Health reform provides kids with health problem a lot of help. No health insurer will be allowed to exclude children with pre-existing health condition. This provision is applicable as soon as the bill becomes a law. And after 2014 the bill also prohibits health insurance companies from excluding adults with pre existing condition.

Dependent children up to the age of 26 will be able to take advantage of their parent?s family health insurance plan, after the health care reform act becomes a law. At the moment states decide the age at which the children are taken of their parent?s health plan.

CHIP (Children?s Health Insurance Program) which helps lower income families must be maintained and even if the states find it difficult to fund the program, they need to run it without cutting any children from it until 2019.

Some ?qualified health plans? will have to provide immunizations and other preventive health services for children without any cost sharing.

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