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Under the new health care reform law most Americans would be required to buy health insurance and would expand the health insurance coverage by more than 32 million people. However there is a provision for aid. Starting 2014, many of these people will have the facility to shop for coverage in newly set up ?health exchanges? and there is a formula for subsidies that will help economically backward sections of the society.

Yes, there is a formula for who will receive aids for their health insurance. The cut off level is about 4 times the federal poverty level. This works out to about $88,000 for a family of four and about $44,000 for a single person. The aid or the subsidy would work in inverse proportion to the income- one with higher income gets lesser aid.

The formula is a little complicated. People who make three to four times of the federal poverty level would get enough aid and therefore will not have to pay more than 10 percent of their income towards a health insurance package. People who earn less would have to have to pay even lesser for their health insurance and some would be even able to enroll in a newly expanded Medicaid program.

You can even get subsidy if you are working for a company that provides group health insurance. However you will have to buy the insurance yourself through health exchanges and your employer would need to give you a voucher equal to the amount that it contributes to the health insurance plan.

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