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Health care reform law has mandated formation of Health exchanges. However there is a restriction on who could use the health exchanges and they have yet to be set up. This is an attempt to introduce some retail competition in the health insurance market.

In theory these health insurance exchanges would allow individuals and small business entities to group together and demand better prices and more options. This would be akin to big corporation who can bag excellent deals for their employees on group health insurance plans. This is basically get strength of numbers while bargaining for cheaper and better health insurance options.

As of now there is no clarity on how it would work ? they could be stores in a mall or a internet site or both. Each state has the freedom to form health exchanges as they deem fit for their population. The exchanges are supposed to be up and running by 2014. The federal government would help out the states with finances for starting health exchanges.

Health exchanges are supposed to check the plans on offer by the health insurance companies and ensure that they benefit the buyer. Though are not to set premiums they can question the health insurance companies to justify the rate hike if any. You could buy health insurance outside the exchanges, but the health insurance company would have to charge the same rate for comparable plans both inside and outside the exchange.

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