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Health care reform may aim to repair the broken healthcare system of America; however there are some problem areas in the new law.

The new health reform does not really regulate the health insurance premiums that health insurance companies can charge individuals, families and business owners for coverage. Millions of Americans are expected to acquire health coverage under the new law and health insurance companies are expected have advantage of scale. There is a possibility that without strong oversight of the federal government the health insurance rates will continue to climb and might use this as a tool to pick healthiest customers.

There may be weakening of benefits to the consumers. The insurers may sell highly profitable bare bones health insurance policies as means of cutting costs and the consumers who fall seriously fill may be getting short end of the stick.

Medicare Advantage which is privately operated will attract higher percentage of healthier seniors by glossy marketing. This could result in lobbying that prevents cuts in Medicare Advantage over payments and put traditional Medicare into a economic black hole. There is no regulation yet on Pharmaceutical companies, who have raised prices on heavily used drugs in Medicare. The congress should therefore allow bargaining of drug prices directly by Medicare.

Though the health reforms indicates that no one will be denied health insurance coverage on account of pre existing condition, there is no legal accountability for insurers who do so. Consumers who have their health insurance coverage paid for partly or fully by employers cannot hold insurers legally accountable for denying treatment.

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