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Healthcare in America is in critical condition and if total breakdown of the health care system is to be avoided, then we have to find ways to do things differently. And this problem is not going to go away. A solution can be found only if all the stake holders ? health insurance companies, medical facilities provider, healthcare professionals etc come together and decide that it is time for change ? change for the better.

Healthcare consumers must be educated about their condition and should be able to take informed decisions. Employers who offer group health insurance scheme to their employees should stop viewing health insurance as a commodity. Health care provider and medical staff must be careful enough to practice evidence based medicine and should keep in mind the costs for the consumers.

Health insurance companies need to change and in fact should take major responsibility for bringing in the change for the healthcare sector. Many health insurance companies have already done so ? by using the power of data. They have utilized this to stem the growth of lifestyle related illnesses. They are able to provide actionable guidance about prevention and risks of these new lifestyle diseases that are threatening American population.

Healthcare and health insurance guidance does not just know that your claims will be processed! It also means that the consumer understands all the health care and health insurance options ? that is know the pluses and minuses of all the healthcare options.

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