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PPO or Preferred organization plans provide flexibility and there is always a price to be paid for that in terms of higher monthly premiums, deductibles and co payments. However this is something you should value since you will have the opportunity to go to a specialist without a referral for second opinion, you can also seek medical care that is out of network and still receive coverage.

In PPO type of health insurance plans you might want to check out all the costs before you decide to sign up for one. Even if you choose a lower amount of coverage with PPO plan, there are other payments that make PPO health insurance more expensive. Besides a the monthly outgo as a the premium, you will also have to take care of co insurance and a deductible before you start receiving any benefits from you PPO plan.

The advantages of PPO health insurance plans are::

  • PPO plans are good in controlling the out of pocket expenses within limits annually.
  • PPO health insurance plans allow you see out of network doctors and other medical service providers
  • PPO plan allows you enough flexibility and savings when seeking out of network medical care.

The disadvantages of PPO plans:

  • With PPO plans you need to pay the deductibles before you get any benefits.
  • PPO health insurance plans make you pay up to 3 times more if you seek out of network medical care.
  • PPO plans have higher co payments than many other plans

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