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PPO or the Preferred Provider Organizations health insurance plans are perfect for those who are looking for comprehensive coverage and lot of flexibility, but do not require you to break the bank. This is perfect for people who are willing to pay a little more for the flexibility.

PPO are normally representative of medical workers, hospitals and other health care professionals that have a common connection , that is they are contracted by the health insurance company and this helps them to get more competitive fees for their customers. If you as a consumer make use of the medical services of the PPO approved/specified network, you will be charged much lower rates. However if you want a second opinion or use medical services of a outside network, you will still receive medical coverage but you will be paying higher rates than you get within your network.

PPO plans are much similar to HMO plans, however have a flexibility built into them and hence they are more expensive than a HMO health insurance plan. PPOs can be understood a mix of indemnity plans and managed care plans. Unlike a HMO health insurance plan, when you opt for a PPO plan you do not have to choose a PCP or a primary care provider. This is the main advantage; since there is no PCP you can visit any specialist within the network without any referral. Yes, co payments will be higher when you opt for medical services that are out of network. But you will still get partial coverage.

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