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According to the Independent and non partisan Congressional Budget office, individuals and small business are at loose ends about the health insurance premium rates in days to come. However according to the congressional budget office people who are lucky enough to get group health insurance coverage through their employers will most likely see reduction in their premium rates.

Some answers are offered by the relevant authorities however it is still early days yet and how it will affect the entire set of consumer is yet to be seen. The most important message however seems to be that you can still enjoy the service of your current health insurance plan and also keep seeing your doctors. However this bill does prevent and protect you from the abuses of the health insurance company. You will not be denied health insurance on basis of any pre existing health condition. They will also not be able to place a life time limit on the dollars that they pay. The best part is young adults or children can be covered on their parent?s health insurance policy.

In near future health insurance firms will have to focus on costs that will ultimately bring down the cost of health insurance and health care for the American consumer. They will have deal with limits on administrative costs and executive compensations. Any infringement or violation will result in health insurance companies offering rebates to the customer. This reform also provides for additional money to states to oversee the insurance companies unreasonable rate hikes.

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