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One of the best things about health care reform law is that it benefits the children the most. Now a new law is in force, which forbids health insurance companies from rejecting children or excluding them because of a pre existing condition.

You might want to know what happened to Diane Knight, 52, Utah, when she ran from pillar to post for her 17 year old daughter. Ms. Knight and her husband did have a family insurance at one point it time, however they lost it when they went they left their jobs to start a small business. What they did not realize that they would be unable to get insurance because both had a past cancer diagnosis. They did what every good parent would do; they tried getting their only daughter a individual health insurance. But to their surprise, even she was rejected and only because she has used an expensive acne prescription cream when she was younger and the insurance company did not want to take the risk of paying for it in the future.

To deny health insurance to a perfectly healthy 17 year old is not acceptable. However since the law has been passed health insurance companies are not ready to accept it yet. They think the law uses very vague language and is not expressly clear. There is a case for federal government to write the rules clearly to reflect this.

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