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Health reform act does bring in lot of changes in the American health care industry and aim to reduce the cost of health insurance to the general Americans. It also ensures that 30 million previously uninsured Americans have access to health insurance at the costs that are acceptable. One important and potential improvement in preventive coverage will take effect only years later in 2014 and this will be worth thousands of dollars to the average American family and their overall health

From 2014 the new health reform law will try to focus on wellness and preventive measures that keep you from falling ill. The law will allow employers to offer wellness discount to their employee from the group health insurance plan. The discounts could be as high as 30 percent of the total health plans premium.

For example if the value of the group health insurance plan offered by your employer is about $10,000, then your employer could give you a discount of up to $3000 for preventive and wellness programs such as seeing a health coach. This is how benefits consultants see the new health reform law.

As of now most of the incentives are below $1000 for a family plan and much lower for people who have individual coverage.

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