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One of the greatest effects of new healthcare reform will be on the medical profession. A lot is being written and debated about how the medical profession is going to have tough time coping with the new health care reform regulations.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal does discuss this at length. There will not be sufficient number of doctors to treat 30 million people who will now be able to afford health insurance. To that one needs to add other medical care professionals such as nurses, technicians and other healthcare professionals who will be required.

This healthcare crisis has been in the making for more few months. Health insurance and health care have become really litigious. Traditionally doctors have been told to specialize in particular areas as the demand for them is very high and they enjoy good pay. Doctors pile up lot of debt in medical school and therefore they want to be paid well for their training. Primary care has never paid very well.

A large number of physicians have been shunted out of medical practice due to rising insurance and liability costs. These issues have been given due importance and documentation but there has been a big political argument about reform or malpractice lawsuits that can be brought against doctors.

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