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Many states have set up panels to oversee the changes that will be needed in healthcare including health insurance industry. Some states are surely fighting the change and the reform bill.

There are many who feel that the federal government should not govern people?s life so closely that it is close to violating the constitutional rights. The federal government should not force citizens to buy insurance. Some states are also of the opinion that in spite of additional funding they expect to get from the federal government, the healthcare they provide to the economically weaker residents will strain their budgets further. The biggest challenge is of course the implementation which is the states responsibility and they are already struggling with budget deficits.

In the state of Georgia, many residents have been locked out of health insurance due to pre existing medical condition. But Georgia is not too keen on the health care reform and is not keen on creating or participating in a high risk pool program.

However in a bid to reduce health insurance premium lot of employers is taking the initiative to introduce workplace wellness programs. Some employers offer up to $100 reward just to take a health assessment check up. Some even provide many services that support wellness such as health coaching, maintenance drugs and preventive care.

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