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Now the second stage of the healthcare reforms rests with states. They will have take the initiative for the second act of the overhaul of health scare system of USA but many of them are already firing the on all cylinders to get the first act repealed

The states will have to start implementing the new health insurance and health care reforms. They will also have to set up new health insurance exchanges for small businesses and people who seek individual health insurance cover. The states will also have to look into and prepare for extended Medicaid.

States will also have decide if they want to take part in high risk pools that need to be created as temporary measure to help people with pre existing medical conditions to get health insurance coverage. They will also have to start applying for grants for the consumer assistance offices that need to be set up under the healthcare care reform.

The states are one of the most important stake holders in the health care reform and their co operation is absolutely essential for implementation. In fact some analysts are of the opinion that from the point of view of American people ? what they manage to get out of this well intention healthcare reform bill, states play more important role than the federal role. All the health insurance cover expansion runs through the states.

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