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The long awaited benefit of the new health care reform is the affordable health insurance coverage for citizens with pre existing medical condition, more so since no health insurance company would take a look.

Starting July 2010 a some relief will be provided to the uninsured people with pre existing condition at a rate that is comparable to what everyone without pre existing condition pays. This will be the acid test for the health care reform bill and the federal government ? whether such a high risk pool will see the light of the day.

However some health insurance industry veterans still think some people might end up paying a lot more than the healthcare reform bill meant them to. For e.g if your ailment or disease such as cancer is in remission and you have to give up your job as you were undergoing treatment and your health insurance cover provided by your employer ran out.

You will surely not find a private insurer who will cover you but you might consider yourself lucky if you were living in a state that has its own high risk pool. You will still have to face the struggle of paying higher premiums that the standard health insurance premiums. But you might still not be able to get into the high risk pool designed by the federal government, the reason being you need to be uninsured to qualify it.

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