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Federal risk pool is to be taken as the first step towards ending discrimination against people with health problems when it comes to issuing health insurance, according to Human and Health Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. But HHS officials are of the opinion the new health care reform bill rules are written by the Congress. There really nothing that HHS can do about people in the state risk pools not being allowed into the federal risk pools, as the federal risk pool is for the people who do have the health insurance.

This program however will not be permanent and should be considered as a bridge to 2014, when health insurance companies will not be able to deny coverage for medical reasons under the law. By 2014 health insurance exchanges will be set up and will offer subsidized health insurance coverage to the millions. Many analysts who looking in Medical think than about 3, 75,000 people will sign up this year.

Ms. Sebelius would like to see the federal plan operate along with the state risk pools and is sure that premium comparison will give rise to dissatisfaction. There are also plans for a national program for people in states which have no such high risk pools. Georgia Insurance Commissioner has said that his state has no plans for having a high risk pool. There are also legal opinions that are not sure about the constitutionality of the health reform.

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