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As most people are sure to know, US citizens normally get their health care benefits from their employer. The employer signs up with a health insurance company to provide healthcare coverage to its employees. Since the numbers of employees are huge, the group health insurance scheme normally works out very well for everyone. It provides economies of scale, healthy employee?s premiums normally subsidize the unhealthy ones and all in all the monthly premiums are not unaffordable. Since the employers buy health insurance in large pools, no employee will be denied coverage.

This works well for the working population and around 66% of American fewer than 65 years get their health care cover from their employer. Medicare and Medicaid programs are run by the government that covers people or 65 years and families with low income.

However there are many Americans who do not fall in the above 3 categories. Buying private medical insurance in USA is extremely expensive and most people cannot afford it and many a times a person is denied coverage on the basis of pre existing medical condition. Therefore for a person not working for a large company, buying health insurance was nearly impossible. It is thought that nearly 45 million Americans did not have health insurance.

There is a study by Harvard Medical School that has reached a conclusion that is really shocking ?more than 35,000 Americans die each year due to lack of health insurance. Also it is estimated that more 80% of bankruptcies are caused due to lack of medical insurance.

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