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Since 1912 various presidents of USA have tried to get universal health care to American citizens and have had to contend with dismal failures. And each time a President has failed to reform the health care and health insurance sector, people?s expectations have been watered down and the vested interests have become stronger and powerful. Analysts are of the opinion that if the healthcare reform by Obama had been unsuccessful, no president would have dared to do so again for the fear of failure.

President Obama is truly fearless when it comes to affect a change for a cause he believes in. He has shown his commitment to make life better for Americans and especially middle class Americans by providing them with basic healthcare and health insurance coverage. The Reagans and the Bushes simply oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth where the rich got richer and any semblance of safety net was dismantled. The markets were thought to be supreme and a policy of non interference or Laissez Faire was the norm. Even Clinton did not really bring about any changes that would provide health insurance to the low income group.

Since Obama has dared to be different and fearless when it comes to delivering on his commitment on delivering change he is not very popular. This new law will force Health Insurance Company and health care providers to cut excesses in the system and provide affordable health insurance cover to Americans.

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