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Health care reform bill has consumed lot of air time and print space and we always seem to be hearing absolutely conflicting opinions about it. And we seem think each of them is equally earnest and equally truthful and has only our best interest at heart. However it is not a pleasant surprise that even with passage of this health reform bill we cannot be sure of uninsured Americans will be able to get health insurance cover. Even if there was a provision in bill that ensured health insurance cover for all Americans, do we have the infrastructure, medical personnel and doctors to cope with sudden influx of 45 million Americans into the healthcare system?.

To add to the problems, it is no secret that medical students are not very keen on taking to Primary Care as a career, citing reasons such a better hours, better pay and career. We cannot really find fault with them for this. Nursing as a profession is also taking a beating, since a decade. So how will universal health insurance coverage help the patients, if there is no one to take care of them?

There are many reports that have been predicting short fall of Primary care physicians over next decade. We might also want to know why Nursing is not a favored profession anymore. So controlling health insurance companies and drafting laws that rein them will not do anything much.

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