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It might surprise many of us that there is shortage of doctors in USA and over 65 million people in USA are experiencing it. So how will ensuring access to health insurance assure that we will get quality health care? This question becomes even more difficult to answer when you read reports that say most medical students are not planning on becoming Primary Care Physicians, citing longer hours and less pay. There are many general practitioners and family doctors who are so busy with their current patient load that they are turning away new ones. With health care and health insurance reform bringing in additional 45 million into the system, something needs to be done to address the lack of doctors.

There is not going to be any let up of debate on healthcare reform bill despite it becoming a law. Over 50% of Americans are not very confident about the healthcare system. There are many who want health care reform law withdrawn or repealed and there are people who are putting off medical care as they cannot pay. This is also true for heart attacks. There are many people who wait for up to six hours after a heart attack to seek medical care because they simply do not have health insurance or cannot pay. Most doctors insist that heart attack requires immediate attention and at the max the medical care can be delayed by about 2 hours. If patients wait beyond two hours then their hearts are already damaged.

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