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Many retirees want to know how the health care reform bill affects them and how the over would haul of the healthcare system effect their health insurance and healthcare coverage. Some want to know if Medicare would cover a yearly physical check up and other want to know if they can keep their doctor, especially since they got their Medicare through private health insurance.

The Department of Health and Human Services officials are conducting a series of weekly web chats that general public and explaining how the new health care reform will affect their lives and explain the complexities of the new law. Lot of charities and non profits are trying to help people by setting up hotlines and web tools and all of them are receiving good response. The House of Representatives hotline is struggling to cope with traffic that has increased by over 70%. A seniors lobbying group is drawing up plans that will require it to spend millions of dollars over multiple years in a nationwide educational campaign.

Consumers are very keen on knowing how the health care reform bill is going to affect and how it will affect their health insurance premiums. Uninsured Americans want to know how can they get themselves enrolled in federal or state high risk pool and finally enjoy health insurance coverage. Many parents want to know how they can keep their adult children on their health insurance pan and small businesses want to know about tax credit they get for affordable coverage.

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