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There is a sudden increase in health insurance scamsters. Authorities notice sudden increase in Bogus health plans that advertise comprehensive coverage at bargain prices are on the rise, luring desperate consumers to pay for policies that won't cover their medical bills, state insurance commissioners say.

Over past few weeks Missouri regulators have scanned over 13 companies who they claim were duping customers with claims of affordable and comprehensive health insurance. Some firms have be ordered to stop mis-selling and misleading the customers with unlicensed health discount cards. A company has been brought to the law in Tennessee by the regulators, as they have duped people to the tune of 14 million dollars. Many Americans have paid premiums regularly and have been stranded with unpaid bills. The regulators themselves have been shocked at the scale and the number of scams. They blame the bad economy and high unemployment for this. In fact some reports suggest there is 57% increase in health insurance and health plan scams.

Insurance commissioners across the country think that the new health care reform bill will give rise to increase number of mis- selling and misrepresentations and specific laws will be required to deal with this. Experts say it is a good idea to check with department of health insurance if the companies selling the health insurance plans are valid and legal entities.

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