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There are many people who are ready take a great gamble when it comes to their health insurance. They are willing to pay cash for routine care while hoping that there will no major medical disaster in their life and they will be saved from financial ruin.

Obama?s health care reform bill that makes it mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance plan has not gone down well with this group. Most of these people pay very less on healthcare than they would on premiums and they have serious doubts about health insurance company?s ability and intention to provide coverage even if they opt for it.

There about 35-50 million Americans who uninsured either because they can?t afford it or they are out of work. Most of the adults who are uninsured are thought to be young and generally healthy adults who either self employed or are in low income group. They find that they cannot really afford to pay really high health insurance premiums.

Most reports and studies have suggested that income is the key factor and most uninsured have very low income. Researcher think if it is a choice between health insurance premium and Ramen noodle, it is a hard choice and most people will opt not have the health insurance. It is this group that is very vulnerable ? as they will be in midst of financial ruining if they require medical care. It may be a not be good idea to impose a penalty on them, for not having health insurance.

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