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Most analysts say that it is a good idea to make it mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance, just like every automobile owner is required to have a auto insurance. Analysts say that bringing everyone into the health insurance fold will bring greater numbers into the system and will reduce the cost of health care.

Experts also believe that people who opt out of compulsory health insurance regime should have to pay penalty. There is some talk of penalty for family being $ 3,800 for a family, but since many feel it too high there have been calls for it to be reduced to $1,900 for a family.

As expected, republicans have called mandatory insurance as a tax for the middle class. Whereas, Obama is of the view that in the final form of the health care reform law, subsidies should be offered to the extremely low income family, as they are most vulnerable. This would also make health insurance affordable.

Republicans have called the insurance mandate a new tax on the middle class. Obama disputes that, saying that whatever plan emerges from Congress must offer subsidies to lower-income people that will make coverage affordable.

According to Obama if everyone buys health insurance will bring about 45 million Americans into the health insurance fold and in exchange health insurance companies must not deny coverage on basis of pre existing conditions.

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