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The health care reform bill has been the hallmark of Obama administration and they are confident that they will be able manage the implementation of the healthcare reform without any additional funds, at least for next one year. The Department of Health and Human Services seems to be very confident of managing on the existing budget.

The HHS has now vast new responsibilities thanks to the new healthcare reform law, which aims to bring health insurance coverage to uninsured people. This legislation is supposed to include about $ 1 trillion of which about $ 1 billion would be marked for implementation of the law.

It has been estimated that the Department of Health and Human Services will be requiring about $ 2 billion a year over next 10 years to implement the health insurance reforms and also bring measurable changes to the federal health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, as mandated by the healthcare reform law.

Todd Tiahrt, Republican Representative is of the opinion that the Obama government will surely need more money to implement the ambitious healthcare reform and the administration will surely ask for more in days to come. He has calculated that the budget $5 billion that has been set out for temporary high risk pools for the uninsured, which is state based is not enough. Some health care industry analysts have also projected that more money will be needed.

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