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Very few reform laws would have caused such a ruckus in US, like the health care reform laws. That is surprising considering all it aims to do is to provide health insurance cover to all Americans, especially those who cannot really afford it. However the controversy is understandable, as it was thought to be against the very principles of the founding fathers ?the individual rights and responsibilities are of supreme importance. Individualism is at the core of American life right from foreign policy, to dressing in everyday life and even love of free markets. This new health care reform bill requires very American to have a health insurance cover, failing which he/she will be required to pay a fine. Many see it as a loss of individual freedom.

In American healthcare industry, these very values mean excellent medical care- for those who have health insurance or are very wealthy. And for those very people the thought of giving up individual and uninhibited access to excellent doctors, medical facilities and medicines for universal care seems very un American.

But being a young country, America needs to be evolving and founding principles need to be evolving too. People who see themselves are part of a larger society, with different individual needs. However Americans need to think of themselves members of the society.

Clermont Florida
City of Clermont Florida
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