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There is a real fear that the Obama?s healthcare reforms bill with increase the total spending on health care rather than bringing the cost down. This was the conclusion of the economic forecasters who were assessing the legislation. Department of Health and Human Services? economic experts have reached a conclusion that that the Presidents aim of expanding health insurance coverage will be achieved. However there are indications that the health insurance and health care reform bill may not achieve one of the aims of reducing the costs and in fact projects increase in spending by about 1% for a decade.

Most American will be required to carry health insurance by 2014, exception being made only in case of poverty and financial hardship. Many middle class households would be helped by tax credits towards payment of their premium, while Medicaid reach would be required to include more low income people. The best part of the bill is insurers will have to provide health insurance coverage to everyone, irrespective of their health conditions. Pre existing condition will not be a cause for refusal of coverage.

USA is one of the highest health care spenders in the country ? up to $2.5 trillion a year. This works out to be the highest per capita spending among developed countries. But results leave much to be desired, especially when you compare the spending and the outcome to more frugal countries.

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