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Any major change such as health care reform is sure to attract a lot of pessimism. It has been a tough economy, with lot of people losing their jobs and benefits which include health insurance. Yes everybody is afraid of stepping into the big unknown.

It's easy to be pessimistic on health care and health insurance reform. It has been a tough economy. This reform is surely a very big change and a big deal. Almost all the sectors of the healthcare industry will be surely affected by this and not necessarily in a negative way. The incredible demand that will be generated by additional population requiring health insurance will surely give opportunity for immense and innovative solutions. Americans have always made the best of any change and it all has turned out in their advantage.

Consolidation will certainly happen in the healthcare and health insurance industry. The addition of 30 million additional customers will require huge infrastructure and capabilities that many companies lack. Either they would have to scale up quickly or go in for buying companies and then integrating them. External consolidation will give rise to lot of merger and acquisitions but overall efficiencies will sure increase due to robust systems that will be put in place to make these acquisition s work.

Cocoa Beach Florida
City of Cocoa Beach Florida
Zip codes: 32931 & 32932
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