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The newly signed health care reform bill is only the beginning of our journey towards finding the best possible way of providing health care for all and the best way to deliver it also. This health care and health insurance law has its heart in the right place. It aims to provide health care for almost all Americans. It has lot of consumer protection, as pre existing conditions cannot be the basis for refusal of health insurance cover and cap on lifetime payouts.

The ruckus created by the health care and health insurance reform bill makes you think that Obama is trying to change the entire industry. However if you look closely you will find the basic structure is still the same. Health insurance companies will keep issues health insurance plans and underwriting them, medical care facilities will keep giving cutting medical treatment and every one get new customers in addition to current ones. There will be involvement of the federal government and state government through Medicaid and Medicare. All this cannot be surely all bad!

300 million people will still require health care and health insurance at different points in their life. This market is not being taken away from the health care industry; in fact government is adding additional 32 million to this. The acid test is how the industry will respond to this opportunity of meeting consumer needs with true value products.

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