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Healthcare and health insurance reform bill will lead to lot of consolidation in the health care and health insurance industry. At a local level there has been a lot of merger and acquisition activity that has been going on. Many medical hospitals have purchased or recruited physician practices. These practices are being linked by the information technology to create a system that will be able to deliver service under the current healthcare payment regime as well as respond to the new payment systems.

Health care industry suppliers have also been using information technology to drive cost efficient and have also be consolidating to harness the efficiencies of scale. This includes pharmaceuticals industry and hospital supplies companies too. Thus price per unit is unlikely to rise, as health reform brings in additional 32 million customers.

Healthcare industry is a very labor intensive industry and some of labor is very qualified and very expensive. Yes, it is difficult to bend the cost curve just because a law called health care and health insurance reform bill has been passed. But this law certain gives us the opportunity to do so. Healthcare in America is expensive because it is used very intensively and unlike other industry, in healthcare the more you use it the more expensive it becomes, because it is labor intensive.

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