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The great debate after healthcare reform law is how to bend the demand curve so as to bring the costs down. Healthcare reforms will ensure that about 32 million additional Americans will receive health insurance reforms.

For health insurance industry, there is a line of thought that says additional customers will simply a new business which comes to them automatically. However for the health care industry, things are not so simple as it is labor intensive in spite of extremely high use of innovative technology.

The current healthcare system tilts towards favoring volume. Costs could be cut by bundling certain common procedures or tweaking pricing policies. For instance health insurance companies can try multiyear relationships with customers, which would reduce the transactions costs. Yearly renewal policy of health insurance does provide enough incentive to the customer to be responsible for his overall health. Preventive measure and wellness programs could certainly show some results and contribute towards cost reduction.

If we could simply control the Type 2 diabetes a lot of demand for health care consumption could be freed up. This would result in significant increase in health care capacity and even health insurance costs would go down.

Policy changes have ensured that health care is an attractive business proposition. The healthcare reform law will ensure that it stays that way, simply because the number of insured people is set to increase dramatically. This will surely lead to more capital being pumped into the healthcare sector.

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