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The healthcare and health insurance industry is at a point of inflection. The health care reform bill has opened up a whole host of business options for health insurance and health care delivery. There is a good chance of health insurance companies finding the medical care or the healthcare delivery side of the business very attractive. The might even find a good business synergy which will increase the efficiency and bring down the total cost of delivery of health care and health insurance.

Also even medical care providers may find that health insurance side of business would work very well for them, because then they would have good additional set of customers, thanks to healthcare reform bill. Similar even the suppliers to the health care industry might think of consolidation or even forward integration into healthcare delivery or health insurance.

Most industry players realize that simply adding 32 million customers and not being ready with infrastructure, medical personnel and supplies will surely create a problem. This additional induction of people into the healthcare system will surely create level playing field for all players and the most innovative ones will come out winners. This is the time when strategic management is of utmost importance. All players will have focus equally on external and internal issues at the same time and give them equal importance.

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