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According to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius there is proactive action that is being taken to ensure that the health insurance companies extend health insurance coverage for young adults up to age 26 on their parents health insurance plans. This is good news for college students who graduate in May and June, as they do not have to wait till September deadline as laid out in the health care bill.

The health care reform legislation mandates extending coverage of young adults up to age of 26 on their parent?s policies, starting September, leaving May and June college graduates in a lurch. Illinois has extended health insurance coverage but expires for many young adults in other states.

According to Ms. Sebelius there has been progress in getting health insurance companies to extend benefits to young adults, who form a chuck of uninsured group. She eventually expects many others to follow. There is also a push to implement laws provision that protects people from loosing cover when they become ill. Ms Sebelius is of the opinion that the key challenge to successful implementation of the complex law is nothing but educating people about the health care reform and its impact. There is also a need to counter the misinformation campaign that is being mounted by the many special interest groups.

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