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Ms. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary U S Department of Health and Human Services has sent a strong message that the Obama administration will take a pro active and aggressive stance towards health insurance companies who deny health insurance coverage unlawfully. She does not rule out hand to hand combat if health insurance companies try to drop patients if they fall ill.

She mentioned a Reuters report that one of the largest health plans was using a computer algorithm that automatically targeted people or women suffering from breast cancer. This targeting instigated a immediate fraud investigation and the company searched for some excuses or pretexts to drop or discontinue the policies. She said this was not acceptable and the government to try and take a corrective action if this was true. This according to Ms. Sebelius was similar to some insurers dropping AIDS patients from their plans. She has had many face offs with health insurance companies executives, asking an explanation for hikes in premiums.

She insists that her agency has been working with the state governments and insurance commissioners to start implementing the health care and health insurance reforms. When asked if the health care bill will be repealed, she said she was optimistic that most citizens would welcome it, provided it was implemented properly. Prevention and Wellness that focus on health dangers such as smoking and obesity will receive government funds and that would surely pay long term dividends.

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