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Florida is just one of the many states that do not want to opt into the new healthcare reform regime. Its House and Senate voted to opt out of this new healthcare reform bill. This amendment to the Florida constitution will be key issue in the November election. The proposal says that Floridians should not be forced to take part in any healthcare system.

This voting was strictly along the party lines, with Republican supporters playing the party line saying the main issue is matter of freedom and involvement of the federal state.

There is a strong opinion that instead of focusing on preventing expansion of health insurance coverage, supporters should be focusing on Florida?s health care problem.

This opt out measure is mostly aimed at the part of health care reform that requires people to buy health insurance or be penalized. Apart from Florida there are many other states that have put in measures to allow their populace to opt out of this requirement as they feel it infringes on liberty.

There is repeated argument of the Democrats that legislation that allows Floridians to opt out of federal law would actually violate the US constitution, where federal law is generally given precedence over the state laws. There is simply no arguing the fact that health insurance and healthcare have long term effect on well being of the population, country and the economy.

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