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No one really knows how much health care reform bill, passed by Obama administration is going to cost the individual tax payer. Will the health insurance premium increase, decrease or stay the same? This is the biggest unanswered questions and its weakest spot. This law really does not commit to or lay down any road map on taming costs. The experts believe will force the Congress to revaluate healthcare.

Many insist that health insurance premium will keep going up for the next few years and expanded health insurance coverage of kids and young adults would contribute towards it. Health insurance companies and medical care providers will also increase their rates before the big shift of 2014.

Medicaid will be expanded and will provide cover to millions of low income people. Most Americans would be mandated to carry health insurance cover failing which they would have to pay a penalty. In 2014 there would be business exchanges where individuals and small businesses could buy health insurance for themselves or their employees. Business Exchanges should bring in competition and hence the prices down. Health insurance companies will not be allowed to refuse health insurance to people who have pre existing medical condition.

About 32 to million people who have been not insured before will gain health insurance coverage. Since they were previously uninsured they would consume a lot of health services which would increase the demand and health care spending would go up leading to increase in the premiums.

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