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The changes described below are generally effective as of January 1, 2014

The new health care reforms bring out lot of changes in the healthcare and health insurance industry.

Health care reform bill looks at employer sponsored health insurance and tries to give maximum benefits to the employees. Any company or employer with at least 50 full time employees needs to pay annual tax of $2000, if it does not offer minimum essential coverage and the employee purchases health insurance cover from an exchange and also gets premium assistance. A large employer must pay $3000 per full time employee, if the employees? contribution is more than 9.5% of his household income or the actuarial value of the plan is less than 60 percent. Minimum essential coverage is employer sponsored health plan. However no penalties are imposed if the employees are provided with free choice voucher

Ban on Pre Existing Condition Exclusion: Group health insurance plans provided by the employer shall not be allowed to use pre existing condition and excluded a employee from coverage.

Eligibility for coverage under group health plans cannot be based on health factors such as health status, genetic information, claims history, physical and mental condition, and medical history etc. Wellness programs however may require a condition for financial reward, if certain health status factors are satisfied.

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